Stop worrying about French taxes and bureacracy, I’m here for you!

Aren’t we all scared about French taxes & paperwork? Or when things are made more complicated than they should be? 

I’m here to make your taxes and life easier in France so you have more time to focus on more important things.

A little word from me

Hi, I’m Hélène Pegaz and have been working as a private banker in various countries before coming back to France.

I decided to start my own business because I have experienced and seen so many people struggle with French taxes and bureaucracy.


Shouldn’t it all be much more efficient and different? Yes absolutely, but battling this beast is not a great way to spend your time.

It’s my task and, believe it or not, passion to guide and navigate you to make your life a lot easier and help you make the system work for you.

Who is this for?

I’m not limited to a certain industry, region or type of business. And I work for both companies as individuals.

Over the years I have gained lots of experience and useful contacts to provide you with legal & tax assistance, administrative support and wealth management.

For Private Clients

I will help you manage your tax and French affairs to free up more time for you to enjoy your life here.

You get the safety and guarantee that things will be rightfully done, respecting French rules and in appropriate time.

My priority and golden rule are to constantly check that your interests are always served with the best way and conditions.

For Businesses

I will free up your time by taking over administrative, financial & tax functions so that you can focus yourself fully to your know-how and core business.

You can always rely on my advice and expertise on the various issues you encounter.

No longer worry about legal, taxes, paperwork and bureaucracy – I’ve got you covered!

Let me give you some specific examples

Okay, I know it can be a little vague how I will help you because in all honesty that depends on what you need!

As said, I’m flexible and just love solving problems.

So here are some examples of the help you can expect from me!

Tax & financial strategies and assistance

  • Information, advice,
  • Tax Reporting Assistance
  • Budget diagnosis & optimisation
  • Savings, insurance & pension diagnosis
  • International issues

Wealth management & assistance

  • One-time or regular assistance
  • Asset Balance & analysis
  • Strategies & recommendations
  • Monitoring and personalized monitoring

Private secretary

  • Management and monitoring of private affairs
  • Representing towards providers & administrations
  • Strategies for personal finances
  • Miscellaneous administrative tasks

Real Estate

  • Project Definition
  • Preparation for mortgage files
  • Study and search for funding
  • Suppliers search & assistance

Business creation assistance

  • Project analysis & feasibility
  • Assistance in the choice of legal form
  • Statutes drafting assistance
  • Assistance in administrative formalities
  • Business plan & financial forecast

Administrative, tax & financial management

  • Information, advice & strategies

  • Management of administrative tasks

  • Tax & financial monitoring

  • HR Support

Financial analysis & profitability

  • Cost analysis & optimization
  • Profitability diagnosis
  • Price policy
  • Budget forecasts
  • Executive Compensation Strategy
  • Advice & strategies

Send me a message

Curious to find out how I will make your life easier?

The best way to start is by sending me a WhatsApp (click here) or message via this contact form.

Simply tell me about what you need now.

I always send you a personalised quote so there will be no surprises and I can focus on solving your problems immediately!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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